Composer Bryan Minus moved to Portland, Oregon eleven years ago, where he has since been entrenched in the creative scene, drinking too much coffee, and enjoying the rain. He spent his first few years in Portland playing in rock and electronic bands, and for the past five years he has worked in the film and video game communities. In that time he’s worked on the indie features ‘Behind the Bullet,’ 'Pompeii, Oregon,’ and 'Vicious,' the later of which won Best Original Score/Music at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards. Bryan is really excited about virtual reality. He wrote the soundtrack for the VR game called 'Ship It' which made it into the 2017 PAX 10. Bryan's work on video games includes the soon to be released mobile game 'Bloom Barrage', and the adventure game 'Waiting For The Loop’.

Bryan’s love of music has him constantly experimenting with new genres, techniques, and instruments. Currently, he is learning to rock the ukulele. When he is not composing or furthering his craft you can find him reading or watching movies. Usually, doing all of the above, with a cup of his home-­roasted coffee.

Bryan is a member of the SCL, OMPA, and BMI.

Bryan Minus in his studio