Happy belated New Year!

First, some film festival news! Zombie Walk will be playing at the 2021 Portland International Film Festival. Last year I was attending PIFF when the pandemic shut down the festival half-way through. Which was such a bummer because another short I scored, The Sea, was playing on the last day and never got shown. This year PIFF is a hybrid online festival with some drive-in screenings which Zombie Walk will be part of, so I am looking forward to checking that out. I miss seeing films on the big screen!

2021 Portland International Film Festival Laurel for Zombie Walk.

Zombie Walk is also a finalist for Best Horror Film at the Oregon Short Film Festival which will also take place at a drive-in! The festival takes place on February 25-28th, 2021.

2021 Oregon Shorts Film Festival Laurel for Zombie Walk.

Horror-comedy short One Odd Night won Best Short Film at the Franklin International Film Festival!

One Odd Night Best Short Film Award Festival laurel from the Frankiln International Film Fest.

Final bit of news! I am currently scoring a short film called We Nation. Here is a trailer which I scored back in December:


Check out this great review of 1 Dead Dog at Horror Obsessive! There is even a special mention of the music. Plus they have a great headline:

Screenshot of the Horror Obsessive headline for 1 Dead Dog.

Another horror comedy I scored, One Odd Night, is continuing landing laurels and will be at the Mumbai International Cult Film Festival and Festival Angaelica.

Laurels for the short film One Odd Night.


There is a lot of film festival news for 1 Dead Dog! The Klamath Independent Film Festival was an amazing event. While I could not attend in person, the director Rollyn Stafford said the film was very well received, and it was a great Q&A. The film got over 500 views in the online portal.

1 Dead Dog won its first award! The film took home Best Comedy Feature from the Reykjavek Visions Film Festival! This is a great start to the film's film festival run, hopefully this will be the first award of many to come.  1 Dead Dog award laurel for Best Comedy Feature at the Reykjavik Visions Film Festival.

The film has also been selected as the only feature film at the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival! The festival will run online from October 9 to November 1, 2020.

1 Dead Dog laurel for the Killer Valley Film Festival


Film festival news!

1 Dead Dog will be premiering at the Klamath Independent Film Festival which takes place Sept. 18-20 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Due to the pandemic the festival will be having a hybrid in-person/online festival. Find out more at their website

The horror/comedy short One Odd Night will be playing at the Franklin International Indie Film Festival taking place Sept. 23-27 in Franklin, TN. Find out more on their website:

More details on both of these festivals will be announced soon!


The trailer for 1 Dead Dog is out! I has such a blast scoring this film directed by Rollyn Stafford. Everyone involved did such an awesome job. Looking forward to when we can actually screen the film!


Welcome to the my new website! There are still a few things under construction, so expect a few updates here and there. But for the most part everything is up and running!

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well with the pandemic. Crazy times. I have been keeping busy while staying at home. I finished up 1 Dead Dog. Though the film's premiere may be delayed with everything going on. Here is the awesome poster for the film:

Movie Poster for 1 Dead Dog


I've been busy scoring 1 Dead Dog. A dark-comedy from writer/director Rollyn Stafford. Find out more about that film, along with some other film festival and project news in my latest newsletter.

This weekend The Sea is having its world premiere at the Portland International Film Festival in the Puzzling short block on Sunday, March 15 at 3pm.

Movie Poster for The Sea.


Excited to be talking at OMSI After Dark: Cards and Consoles tonight! I'll be giving a presentation on scoring video games. There is a lot of other awesome things going on at this event as well. Come check it out! Find out more on the OMSI website.

OMSI After Dark Cards and Consoles image.


Happy New Year! I had a fantastic 2019, scoring a ton of awesome short films, a few games and a feature. I got to go to a lot of film festivals including Slamdance and Cinequest. I'm looking forward to an even better 2020!

Starting off 2020 I have four films playing at the The Portland Underground Film Festival which runs from January 17-19th at the Clinton Street Theartre. On Friday the 17th Operation Dalron, and Bad Resolution are playing. On Sunday the 19th A Better Way: A Documentary Film, and The Phone Dead are playing. There are a lot of other awesome looking films from many genres so if you want a weekend of film you should check it out!


It's been a busy fall so far! I have been busy working on a few production music albums, as well as a some film projects. I am getting ready to score a new film called Jack Fall that I am really excited about.

Here are some updates on a of my past projects:

Word on the Street has been having a great film festival run. At The Next Level International Film Fest in Australia it picked up Best Short Comedy. Recently, it has also played at the Canby Film Festival, and is playing at the Marina Del Ray Film Festival in Los Angeles today!

A Fine Cycle has just finished up it's film festival run at the Catalyst Content Festival winning Most Impactful Film!

Behind the Bullet continues it's film festival run with the Sun Screen West Festival today! It also is playing at the Dumbo Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY Nov Nov 1st.


Today, I'm releasing the score to Behind the Bullet. Check it out on Spotify, Apple, Google, and all the other online distributors!


Certificate for Best Original Soundtrack at the Concorso Vivere Di Musica Festival.

Word on the Street is now an award winning film! My score won Best Original Soundtrack at the Concorso Vivere Di Musica Live on Music Fest.

Also Behind the Bullet is now out! Check out the film's website for details of where you buy/stream the film.

Poster for the feature documentary 'Behind the Bullet'.


Word on the Street is now available to watch on Youtube. Check out this fun comedy short now and get your fill of conversation, confrontation and muderation!


It's been a busy summer! Besides continuing work on Super Delivery Dash I've been working on some short films. For HHS Productions I scored a short called Sold that premiered at the Covellite Film Festival. I just finished scoring Word on the Street for Hapstance Films which will premiere at the Clinton St. Theatre July 28th! I had a blast working on this film and excited to see it on the big screen. The film will be playing with a bunch of other short films from Hapstance that have played on the Hapstance Youtube channel over the years. Find out more info on their Facebook event page.

Poster for Hapstance Films' Word on the Street.


Over the weekend Behind the Bullet took home Best Documentary Feature at the Sunscreen Film Festival. Congrats to director Heidi Yewman for a much derseved win!

If you missed it you can check out my latest newsletter here.

I've been working on a new video game project tenatively titled Super Delivery Dash with Think On Labs. Excited on what we have so far ! Check out more about the game on the Think on Labs website, and sign up to play test Super Delivery Dash here!

Screen shot of Super Delivery Dash from Think On Labs.


In February Pompeii, Oregon won Best Animated Feature at Jelly Fest!

Pompeii, won best animated featurea at Jelly Fest.

The Spunk's not Dead anthology is out! Buy it on amazon here. I scored two segments of this fun horror anthology. Chris Jayawardena's High Score, and Bryan Hiltner's Spunk of the Reaper.

Spunk's Not Dead Poster.


I have a few of screenings to announce for films that I have worked on!

Behind the Bullet will be screening at the Cinequest Film Festival March 6,7,12, and 13. The film will also be shown at the Arclight in Hollywood as part of the Slamdance Spotlight series on March 11.

Vicious will be screening in Manzinita, Oregon on February 22nd at the Hoffman Center for the Arts.

Both Unicorn and Autumn will be playing at the Corvalis Queer Film Festival February 21-23.

Autumn will also be playing at the Oregon Short Film Festival Friday February 22 at 7pm.


I'm am super excited for Slamdance Film Festival which will be opening later this week! Behind the Bullet will screen twice at the festival Friday, January 25th at 1:15pm and Tuesday, January 29th at 5:45pm. I will be attending both screenings so if you are there please feel free to say hello!

Here is a link to my January Newsletter with a summary of news I've received in the last few weeks! Some of which includeds details on the Spunk's not Dead anotholgy's upcoming DVD and streaming release date, the DVD and streaming release date for Vicious, and the latest festival news for Unicorn!